How to lose weight fast

This post is dedicated to every person who thinks that losing weight is a rocket science and not everyone can do it easily but the researches have proved you can lose weight in just few weeks if you come on the right track.

First of all you need to know that it is actually possible to lose the weight without going to the gym .people are not actually familiar with this thing that some of the daily habits are the reason for the weight gain and if they will make several changes to it then things would comes to normal.

So here based on 21 day fix meal plan we are going to share with you few daily routines which will help you use your weight easily without working out in the gym.

  1. Only Green team

No just the advertisements say that but green tea actually helps in giving you a slim body .So if you brown tea or drink green tea very often then its the high time to completely replace the brown tea or coffee with the green tea

2.No Alcohol

Alcohol depresses the nervous system and stores the body fat .Alcohol is definitely not good for other body parts but for the weight control you should straight away say no to it.

3.Run like there is no tomorrow

Running is the most preferred way to losing weight in the whole world and whole world can’t be wrong at all.We don’t advice you to run always but never forget to run in the morning , burn as much calories as you want .

4.Only water

Stick to only water schedule. Not the alcohol has to be avoided but also the soft drinks and the soda drinks and creamed coffee and other drinks as well.

  1. never eat at Soft hunger.

Food today is at very reach to the customer and a little hunger get the person even closer to it but to lose weight you have to control for some time , don’t eat till you start starving somehow and don’t eat many times in a day. Eat only when you can no longer control.

  1. Consume iron

Iron is the must to have in the foods bu tdon’t just eat it in abundance. There are several products which are the house of iron like:

  1. Red Meat
  2. Chicken
  3. Soya Nuts
  1. Light Workout

Remember you don’t have to become a body builder for now, you just have to get fit and lose that fat for that you need small workout. If you are not going for a morning walk then running on trade mills, few pushups and that’s it.No heavy work out to be taken it will started building up the muscles ending up making you look bulgy

these are daily routine techniques .just fit them on your daily schedule and see the change. If you see any difference with it or if not just don’t forget to leave your views in the comments below

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